Summer Holiday Fun With The Kids

The Summer Holidays are here so it’s now a busy time for families – one that can be filled with mixed emotions. Some parents may dread the thought of entertaining their kids, while others look forward to it. No matter which camp you fit in, this article is for you. Below we’ve shared with you 5 fun, and cheap, activities you can do with your children over the summer holidays. 

Go to the Library – The library is a great place for children to have fun and learn new things. They can explore a wide variety of books, magazines, and comics, and find something that interests them. Many libraries also offer reading programs and activities, such as book clubs, storytime, and craft sessions. Additionally, libraries often host special events such as author visits, book readings and other entertainment for kids of all ages. Furthermore, libraries have many other educational programs as well as access to computers. With so many resources available, children are sure to find something they enjoy at the library. The Niddrie Library is conveniently located on Keilor Road and easily accessible – both by car, public transport, bikes and walking. 

Teach them to cook – It’s never too early to teach your children to cook, and it’s never too early to have fun in the kitchen. Cooking is a valuable life skill that can be taught to children at a young age. You can start with simple things like muffins, cookies and pizzas – moving up to more complex recipes as their skills improve. You can get some simple recipes on the Woolworths website as well as most of your ingredients from there. There are also a number of other food shops available to you in Niddrie. 

Have a picnic – Pack a lunch and head to a nearby park or beach for a fun and affordable day out. This is a great way for kids to enjoy the outdoors and have a picnic lunch with their family. It is also a great activity to do in conjunction with the cooking activity mentioned above. You can cook together in the morning, and then pack those items you’ve made in a picnic basket to enjoy later in the day. (Don’t worry, it’s also okay to pick up some of your favourite takeaway from your favourite restaurant on Keilor Road and eat that too.)

Go on a Treasure Hunt – The Salvos and Vinnies are great places to find unique and affordable toys and books for kids. Not only is it a fun way to explore and discover new things, but it also teaches kids the value of recycling and reusing items.

Have fun in the pool or with other water toys in the backyard – Splashing around in a pool or playing with water toys is a great way to have fun and beat the heat in summer. Pools provide endless entertainment for kids of all ages, whether it’s swimming laps, playing pool games, or lounging on a float. Water toys like inflatable rafts, water guns and diving toys can add even more excitement to pool time. Another option is to set up a slip and slide in the backyard or a nearby park, it can be a perfect way to enjoy the sun and cool off at the same time. Not only is it fun, but swimming and playing in the water is also a great way to stay active and cool during the hot summer months. You can get all your pool and summer fun needs at Clark Rubber.

These are just a few ideas to help make the most of the summer with your kids. With a little creativity and planning, you and your children can have a fun, educational, and memorable summer. No need to worry about the inevitable “I’m bored” refrain Incorporating activities that are both educational and fun, such as cooking, visiting the library and having safe fun around water, can make the most of this time and help your child learn and grow.